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Qi Treatment

Qi Treatment is a hands-on energy treatment to improve the flow of Qi in your body. It relieves stress, gives you more energy and helps you feel brighter and calmer.

Qi Classes

Qi Classes consist of chanting, slow movements, meditation and breathing exercises. You will stimulate the circulation of Qi throughout your body, to relax and recharge naturally.

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About Us

The Innersound Wellness & Meditation Centre is dedicated to helping people with Qi Energy. The Eastern and holistic appraoch to wellness considers that the body, mind and spirit are all connected and to truly heal one you we need to heal all three.

The Centre is located in the heart of London's Harley Street district and is famous for its peaceful, refreshing and uplifting atmosphere. You will find the three following methods available to help you achieve optimum energy and balance.

  1. Qi Energy Treatments are a hands-on acupressure and sound treatment to boost your energy and relieve tension.
  2. Qi Energy Classes are one-hour sessions that incorporate meditation and T'ai Chi style movements to calm your mind and recharge your energy levels.
  3. Specialised programmes are available to address inherited energy patterns affecting you and your family.

Innersound runs Wellness & Meditation Centres across the UK and Europe which offer Qi Treatment and Qi Classes on a paid basis. These activities support Innersound's numerous charitable projects that offer Qi Energy to people in need. (Registered Charity number 1133398.)

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